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Strawberry Lavender
  • Strawberry Lavender

    Strawberry 士多啤梨

    Such a pretty red fruit packed with powerful benefits to help lower cholesterol and maintain blood sugar levels. Strawberries are packed with vitamins and have high levels of antioxidants to support your lung health, detoxify your spleen, and even promote skin health. A Small fruit with rich properties, making it an excellent superfood that you won’t want to go without.



    Lavender 薰衣草

    The Lavender flower has a long history in herbal medicine that has multiple health benefits. Containing essential vitamins and minerals, Lavender helps rebalance the body’s Qi and support the body during vulnerable times like the cold and flu. This special flower can also soothe premenstrual syndromes, which can assist in promoting healthy menstruation. An incredible ingredient with life changing benefits.